About us


Educated, resourceful, auto didactic, industry specialists. Individuals who eat, sleep and breathe marketing and advertising. Fresh and seasoned, game changers that create buzz and sizzle. Thought leaders and digital disruptors. Competitive, intelligent and articulate strategists. On the cutting edge of the digital advertising world. All with a relentless willingness to go the extra mile in everything you do. With a thorough understanding that your success is our success.

We are a full-service marketing group comprised of 2 sister companies: Underpant Communications and C&D Graphic and Technologies, working in synergy to bring creative solutions to you and your business


Despite efforts of consulting organizations to stand apart, most firms approach explaining their offering in similar ways and with similar claims. While it may make a good first impression it is a challenge for the client to discern who would be their best partner.

Your clients truly understand the unique value you bring to them. What excites us about the potential of partnering with you, is establishing your brand in a way that drives that level of enthusiasm and consideration to new and potential clients, well in advance of them experiencing it directly.   

We are committed to exceeding your expectations. Our aim is to work as your partner applying a disciplined and structured process that helps you gain clarity and focus to how you express your organization to employees, clients and prospects. Our goal is to give you greater confidence about the decisions you make and help you gain a real sense of achievement in bringing to life your organization’s purpose.


At C&D Group our people are our strength. People that are experienced, people that are skilled, people that are aware, people that listen and know the right questions to ask to get you the answers you need to move you forward. People that are daring but know why we do what we do, it’s all about you.

You’re probably reading this now because you’re a decision maker or company looking for information as to who we are, what we do and what sets us apart. Like you, we are consultants, seeking to help our clients make tangible the things they currently only imagine. 

Also like you, we work in an industry where expertise and unique skill sets empower us to help our clients achieve the best possible results.  We produce creative solutions that tells your unique story, a story that captivates and keeps the viewer’s attention and creates those “Aha” moments and an experience as opposed to just another “bandwagon” ad campaign. We know it’s all about the experience and not the transactions that makes a brand. We’re excited to show you how we can make your venture indelible in the minds of your target audience. Our micro-agency footprint provides the greatest flexibility and responsiveness which directly contributes to the quality of our thinking and the manifestation of our solution; with the sole objective – our client’s successes.