Case Study

Custom Branded Space


In 2018, C&D Group was chosen to design a brand-new office space, for Asigra, extending their identity as an IT company into the space itself. Using a data block concept, we integrated the shapes into their primary workspaces, boardrooms and lunchroom, with 3D colour blocks coming out of the wall and colourful hall art, resulting in a both welcoming and unique space. Using creative vision to translate interiors into dynamic environments

For more than 30 years, Asigra, an IT company, a has been dedicated to enterprise-class backup and recovery.

We decided to extend their visual identity into the space itself; we took the data blocks concept and decided to manifest them into their primary work space, with 3D colour blocks coming out of the wall. 

We knew that Asigra, as an IT company, needed to be a comfortable, vibrant space for it’s coders. That was our primary objective when we extended the concept to the rest of the office: from the board rooms to the hallways to the lunch room.